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Let your genes guide your path to a healthier life.

Redcliffe Lifesciences (now Lifetech) is India’s fastest-growing diagnostics and precision medicine company focusing on reproductive health testing, rare diseases and Cancer Genetic Diagnostics. It also operates several IVF clinics as Crysta IVF

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Why Genetic testing?

Every individual is composed of DNA which has smaller sections known as genes. Genes code for proteins required to make a functional human being. The DNA is futher packed into 23 pairs of chromosomes. Sometimes there are changes in the sequence of the DNA or larger deletions or insertion of genetic material at the level of the chromosome which lead to genetic health conditions. Genetic testing helps to identify such changes in the genetic material known as mutations. This helps in early diagnosis, intervention for management and treatment. Genetic testing also helps to prevent the transmission of such harmful genetic mutations to future children.

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Let your DNA guide your health decisions

Have a health question? We have a test for you.

How do I take a Genetic Test?

Step 1

You can request a genetic test through the recommendation of your doctor

Step 2

A short counselling session will be conducted to take the clinical and family history and provide information about the test

Step 3

Sample will be collected from the nearest ‘Redcliffe Collection Centre’ or at your doorstep

Step 4

Once the test report is ready, it is sent directly to the consulting doctor and a post test counselling is provided to discuss the results of the test.

Note: For any fertility or pregnancy related genetic testing it is mandatory for a recommendation and sign off on the testing by your referring clinician as per PCPNDT guidelines. All sample collection for such tests will only be done at PCPNDT approved clinics

The Redcliffe Advantage

  • World Class Technology We use highest quality standards using the technologies appreciated worldwide for accurate, consistent and reproducible results
  • Unmatched Reliability All our tests are performed with minimum human intervention and many quality checkpoints ensure negligible chances of error
  • Actionable Results Our reports provide high quality actionable data in the first time. Need for repeat tests or alternative methods is greatly reduced

Redcliffe Lifetech initiates COVID-19 testing services

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in the the number viral strains throughout the World. Redcliffe Lifetech provides the analysis of the genetic code of the virus which is essential for real-time mapping of spread of COVID-19. Such genetic sequence analysis is crucial for detecting new mutations and tracking the spread of novel strains in India. For further information please write to us at
or call us on 898 898 8787 (India)

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